Smart Home

Smart Home Energy Manager Test Lab:

Buildings today face energy demands and costs that fluctuate making it difficult to manage a site’s operating budget.To ensure sustainable business goals, it is crucial to take the right steps that keep energy consumption and cost in check. In this scenario, energy usage optimization is a top priority today. Smart monitoring and conservation measures are thus good investments as they not only help to save money on energy bills but also enhance the productivity of the homes.Here we use NLIM system for our proposed system.

NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) is a unique process for analyzing changes in the current and voltage going into a setup and measuring the individual energy consumption and load of the devices being used in the premises. The derivations are based on consumed load, duration of usage, peak usage pattern, etc.

1)Energy Landscape at a site level
2)Monitor Actual Operating hours
3)Identify devices which need servicing
4)Key Energy consumers

NILM  is used to control different devices like computer, printer, projector, air purifier, water  purifier, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, microwave and air-conditioner.