Pre-processing of weather data of Indian cities

Pre-processing of weather data of Indian cities

Project Year: 2009-10

Funding Agency: ISHRAE, Mumbai

Awarded:  Rs. 50,000

ISHRAE “Typical Year” weather files are available Indian cities. The raw measured by IMD data values of parameters at various stations over a period of 1990-2006. Project aims to preprocess raw weather data files by filling up data gaps through scientific interpolations and modeling.

Following is the list of Indian locations –

1 Ahmedabad 22 Hyderabad 43 Patna
2 Akola 23 Imphal 44 Port-Blair
3 Allahabad 24 Indore 45 Pune
4 Amritsar 25 Jabalpur 46 Raipur
5 Aurangabad 26 Jagdelpur 47 Rajkot
6 Barmer 27 Jaipur 48 Ramagundam
7 Belgaum 28 Jaisalmer 49 Ranchi
8 Bengaluru 29 Jamnagar 50 Ratnagiri
9 Bhagalpur 30 Jodhpur 51 Raxaul
10 Bhopal 31 Jorhat 52 Saharanpur
11 Bhubaneshwar 32 Kodaikanal 53 Shillong
12 Bhuj 33 Kolkata 54 Solapur
13 Bikaner 34 Kota 55 Srinagar
14 Chennai 35 Kurnool 56 Surat
15 Chitradurga 36 Lucknow 57 Tezpur
16 Dehradun 37 Mangalore 58 Thiruvananthapuram
17 Dibrugarh 38 Mumbai 59 Tiruchchirapalli
18 Gorakhpur 39 Nagpur 60 Varanasi
19 Guwahati 40 Nellore 61 Veraval
20 Gwalior 41 New-Delhi 62 Visakhapatnam
21 Hissar 42 Panjim

R&D organisation and academic institutions

IIIT Hyderabad and MNIT Jaipur

Outcomes –

Raw weather data was received from Indian Meteorological Department. TMY files in this set are created by considering the field measurements of temperature, humidity, precipitation and solar radiation provided by Bureau of Energy Efficiency and Indian Meteorological Department, Government of India, to the project team. The raw data contained measured values of above parameters at various stations over a period of 1990-2006. Pre-processing of raw data has been performed by identifying data gaps and screening of erroneous data. This was followed by filling up data gaps through scientific interpolations and modeling. Wherever the data gaps were large, for example in the case of solar radiation data, theoretical models were used to generate data with the help of other climatic parameters over a period of several years. Rather than using a mix of measured and modeled data for development of TMY weather files, for solar radiation data, only modeled data was used as it had large data gaps. Since the gaps in the data sets of temperature and relative humidity were smaller, they were interpolated (Y. J. Huang et al. 2015).

These weather files were created by in 2014 utilizing weather data from various sources, including the Indian Meteorology Department, the US National Center for Environmental Data (NCEI, formerly NCDC), and satellite-derived solar radiation data 2007-2011 developed by NREL.

36 of the weather files (ISHRAE2) are entirely new, while 26 (ISHRAE1M) are from an earlier set of ISHRAE weather files done in 2005 but with recalculated solar radiation.  These weather files can be accessed from the following link –