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  1. Chiller selection optimisation for energy efficiency
  2. Abstract
    Chiller combination selection is optimized using the combinations of chillers where load sum up to required building load. Chiller combination is evaluated for a given building load which is based on the minimum energy consumption operating sequence and also on the annual energy consumption of each combination with minimum energy consumption or Life cycle cost. Solution approach consists of two phases which includes phase 1 for calculation of the combinations for peak design cooling load and phase 2 for calculating the minimum power consumption for each combination selected in phase 1. Modified “Coin Change” algorithm is used to compute all the combinations. Modified Knapsack Algorithm is used in Phase 2 to find the sequence which consumes minimum energy. Optimization of the chiller combination includes approximation of the chiller capacity to nearest 10 multiple where the groups multiple chillers to the same capacity.

  3. Automated Intelligent System for Localized Energy (AISLE): An Intelligent Workstation/Zone Building Control System for Integrated Environmental Comfort, Energy and Load Management Based on Localized Energy Prices.
  4. Patent date Filed Aug 23, 2017  Application number IN 201744029921
    Patent date Filed Aug 18, 2017  Application number US 15/681,086


    This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus related to energy management in a building. In one aspect, a method includes providing a plurality of apparatus. Each apparatus of the plurality of apparatus includes a controller, a light, and a heating/cooling device. The controller is in communication with a control system, and the control system controls the electrical system of a building. A power price is received from the control system at a first apparatus of the plurality of apparatus. The power price is compared to a set point power price. Power supplied to at least one of the light of the first apparatus, the heating/cooling device of the first apparatus, a lighting device in a region proximate the first apparatus, and a heating/cooling device in the region proximate the first apparatus is adjusted based on comparing the power price to the set point power price.