Lebanon: Thermal Building Standards Review and Implementation Plan

Lebanon: Thermal Building Standards Review and Implementation Plan

Project Year: 2010

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), through the funding from Global Environment Facility (GEF) executed the project for development of thermal standards for buildings in the country between 2002 -2005.

The major activities under this funding initiative were

  • Establishing climatic zones in the country
  • Carry out economic feasibility study of energy efficiency interventions in the buildings along with

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Energy Analysis

  • Development of thermal standards for various kind of buildings
  • Development of technical guide and software tool for practicing engineers and implementing agencies

Along with this, a major portion of the funding was used for capacity building, stakeholder consultation, technical workshops and conferences along with specific studies and development of regional coordination.

The thermal building standards developed as an outcome of this study could not get implemented in Lebanon for various reasons and again in the year 2010, the construction sector licensing body, the Order of Engineers and Architect through French Agency for Environment prepared the new thermal standards for buildings in Lebanon and approached LIBNOR (the statutory entity for standardization) for adoption in the country.

The adoption / implementation of thermal building standards require a confirmation of:

  • Relevance of the standards for the growing building sector in Lebanon
  • Modalities of implementation of standards
  • Stock taking of concerns of stakeholders
  • Roadmap for short and medium term plans and integration with the existing laws and legislations in the country.

The World Bank in conjunction with the Lebanese Centre for Energy Conservation (LCEC), and as part of a broader program of World Bank support for energy efficiency in Lebanon decided to bridge the gap between the thermal standards for buildings and its actual implementation through this assignment “Lebanon: Thermal Building Standards Review and Implementation Plan”, which may in-turn outline the fitment of the thermal standards and actual requirements / preparedness of the implementation structure in the country.   

This assignment has following interrelated objectives:

  •         Address fundamental requirements for an effective implementation of a program of thermal building standards for Lebanon
  •         Review of the two independent efforts of development of thermal standards in 2005 and 2010 respectively and report their appropriateness  for implementation or defining areas in which standards must be updated;
  •         Help prepare Lebanese institutions and allied stakeholders for a successful implementation of a thermal building standards program by identifying barriers to implementation and developing an innovative roadmap that addresses these.