Building Automation – The main aim of the lab is to develop and field test integrated communications and control technologies across building systems. Systems include advanced
lighting, HVAC, and plug-load controls that: minimize energy use; respond to changes in occupancy and environmental factors; improve their functionality, reliability, and operational insight; integrate sensor data across building systems; and enhance occupant comfort.

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Fault Detection & Diagnostics – Building Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) systems faults, including design problems,equipment and control system malfunction, result in energy wastage and occupant discomfort. Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) is an area of investigation concerned with automating the processes of detecting faults with physical systems and diagnosing their causes. This method improves comfort,and reduces the operation, maintenance and utility costs, thus reducing the environmental impact.

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Hydraulics Lab Equipments   

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