Journal Papers


TitleAuthorsName of JournalYear-Month
Development of a Surrogate Model by Extracting Top Characteristic Feature Vectors for Building Energy PredictionSai Abhilash Reddy Sangireddy,
Aviruch Bhatia,
Vishal Garg
Journal of Building Engineering2019-03
An approach to calculate the equivalent solar heat gain coefficient of glass windows with fixed and dynamic shading in tropical climatesAviruch Bhatia,
Sai Abhilash Reddy Sangireddy,
Vishal Garg
Journal of Building Engineering2019-03
Development of reference building models for IndiaMayank Bhatnagar,
Jyotirmay Mathur,
Vishal Garg
Journal of Building Engineering2019-01
Determining base temperature for heating and cooling degree-days for IndiaMayank Bhatnagar,
Jyotirmay Mathur,
Vishal Garg
Journal of Building Engineering2018-07
A review of open loop control strategies for shades, blinds and integrated lighting by use of real-time daylight prediction methodsJain, Sneha
Vishal Garg
Building and Environment2018-05
A Review of Advances for Thermal and Visual Comfort Controls in Personal Environmental Control (PEC) SystemsGodithi, Sam, Enna Sachdeva,
Vishal Garg, Christian Kohler,
Rich Brown, and Rajan Rawal
Intelligent Buildings International2018
Evaluation of “Autotune” calibration against manual calibration of building energy modelsChaudhary, Gaurav,
New, Joshua, Sanyal, Jibonananda, Im, Piljae,
O'Neill, Zheng,
Garg, Vishal
Applied Energy2016
Development for cool roof calculator for IndiaVishal Garg, Shikher Somal, Rathish Arumugam, Aviruch BhatiaEnergy and Buildings 2016
Assessment of the impact of cool roofs in rural buildings in IndiaVishal Garg, Rajashree Kotharkar, Jayant Sathaye, Hema Rallapalli, Nilesh Kulkarni, Niranjan Reddy, Prabhakara Rao, Ashok SarkarEnergy and Buildings 2016
Optimizing roof insulation for roofs with high albedo coating and radiant barriers in IndiaRathish Sathyabama Arumugam, Vishal Garg, V Vinayaka Ram, Aviruch BhatiaJournal of Building Engineering 2015
Evaluation of thermal environmental conditions and thermal perception at naturally ventilated hostels of undergraduate students in composite climateShivraj Dhaka, Jyotirmay Mathur, Andreas Wagner, Ghanshyam Das Agarwal, Vishal GargBuilding and environment 2014
Effect of building envelope on thermal environmental conditions of a naturally ventilated building block in tropical climateShivraj Dhaka, Jyotirmay Mathur, Vishal GargBuilding Services Engineering Research and Technology2014
Combined effect of energy efficiency measures and thermal adaptation on air conditioned building in warm climatic conditions of IndiaShivraj Dhaka, Jyotirmay Mathur, Vishal GargEnergy and Buildings 2014
Development and analysis of a tool for speed up of EnergyPlus through parallelizationGarg, Vishal, Jawa, Akshey, Mathur, Jyotirmay, Bhatia, AviruchJournal of Building Performance Simulation2014
Development and analysis of a tool for speed up of EnergyPlus through parallelizationVishal Garg, Akshey Jawa, Jyotirmay Mathur, Aviruch BhatiaJournal of Building Performance Simulation 2014
Experimental determination of comfort benefits from cool-roof application to an un-conditioned building in IndiaRathish Arumugam, Vishal Garg, Jyotirmay Mathur, Niranjan Reddy, Jalpa Gandhi, Marc L FischerAdvances in Building Energy Research 2014
Thermal performance analysis of solar clothes dryerNikhil Jain, Vishal Garg, Jyotirmay MathurJournal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 2013
Top-of-atmosphere radiative cooling with white roofs: experimental verification and model-based evaluationFrancisco Salamanca, Shaheen Tonse, Surabi Menon, Vishal Garg, Krishna P Singh, Manish Naja, Marc L FischerEnvironmental Research Letters 2012
Quantifying the direct benefits of cool roofs in an urban setting: Reduced cooling energy use and lowered greenhouse gas emissionsTengfang Xu, Jayant Sathaye, Hashem Akbari, Vishal Garg, Surekha TetalBuilding and Environment 2012
Development and performance evaluation of a methodology, based on distributed computing, for speeding EnergyPlus simulationVishal Garg, Kshitij Chandrasen, Jyotirmay Mathur, Surekha Tetali, Akshey JawaJournal of Building Performance Simulation2011
Calibrated simulation for estimating energy savings by the use of cool roof in five Indian climatic zonesAviruch Bhatia, Jyotirmay Mathur, Vishal GargJournal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 2011