Is Center for IT in Building Science part of Civil engineering?
Yes, You are right, Center for IT in Building Science is a subset of Civil Engineering. It is based primarily on Structural Engineering (Civil Engineering has 5 Sub disciplines such as Structural Engineering, Geotechnical, Water Resources, Environment and Transportation).

Curriculum is designed by drawing inputs from basics, Building physics, building topology, building safety, building intelligence and building sustainability

How can we quench our thirst in experimenting the building designs, Infrastructures etc. practically?
Your innovative, novel and explorative ideas can be practically experimented in various laboratories at EERC, IIIT-H.

  • Engineering Workshop
  • Construction Workshop
  • strength of Materials lab
  • Soil Mechanics Lab
  • Building Materials Lab

Why CBS is more focused on Natural materials for Constructions which is unique and interesting?
In early years hands on experienced people of certain topology, skills and know-how on traditional technologies of house construction with various locally available materials were easily available. These houses stood for decades which were eco friendly and conserved energy.

BSE is a unique programme in demand which trains people to use these natural resources and implement them real time which makes a remarkable approach in Building Structures , Monuments etc

What are the future prospects of CBS in the job market?
There is acute shortage of skilled engineers in building sector which is evergreen . Builders are keen in search of skilled and trained personnel in the niche area of CBS.

Hence, highly talented professionals in this area are in high demand in placing them in top Building Industries.