Early Design Optimization Tool (eDOT):

Weblink: http://edot.cbs.iiit.ac.in  (Currently Offline)

eDOT is an easy to use tool for early design phase and does not require user to have energy simulation expertise. User can enter a range of various parameters such as orientation, aspect ratio, WWR, glass type, and overhang size. The tool generates thousands of possible simulation models and uses EnergyPlus to simulate them in parallel. The results are presented in an interactive interface. Additionally, the low energy solutions are analysed and clustered using clustering algorithms. Based on the clustering, the tool can suggest different design strategies, which can provide low energy solutions.

  •         A simple user interface
  •         Does not require energy simulation skills
  •         Uses EnergyPlus for simulations
  •         Different ways to visualise results

o   Parallel axis graphs

o   Heat map

o   Interactive interface

  •         Can use several hundred cores for simulation
  •         Clustering algorithm to identify low design strategies
  •         Can export the selected solutions in EnergyPlus format for further modelling