Development and performance analysis of double pane semi-transparent solar photovoltaic window/facade system

Development and performance analysis of double pane semi-transparent solar photovoltaic window/facade system

Project Year: 2018-2021

Funding Agency: DST, India

Principal Investigator: Dr. Vishal Garg

Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Sachin Chaudhari

The prime objective of this project is the development of a new Semi-transparent solar photovoltaic (STPV) and spectrally selective glass based window/façade system. The novelty of this project is development of new window system to facilitate maximum power generation along with minimum energy consumption for visual and thermal comfort in built environment.

Major project objectives are listed below:

  1. Development of spectrally selective glass and Semi-Transparent Solar Photovoltaic module.       
  2. Performance evaluation of the proposed window/façade system under various design and operating conditions. The proposed variations are mentioned below:
    1. Position of low-e and PV surfaces
    2. Strategy for operating vent for air cavity
    3. Variation in SPV module characteristic: Change in Module Transparency
    4. Location and orientation
    5. Angle of incidence
    6. Variation in window to wall ratio (WWR)
  3. Performance evaluation of the proposed system under impact of various blinds (both external, internal and inline systems).
  4. Development of control algorithms for external/internal blinds that optimise the performance of the proposed new system and at the same time utilize maximum daylighting and minimizing energy consumption of the internal task lighting; essentially a Multi-Objective Optimization Problem (MOOP).
  5. Integrate the new controllers with transactional network system, VOLTTRONTM.


The complete methodology includes the works like selection and acquisition of SPV module properties, energy simulation, experiment and validation along with data analysis and conclusions. The detailed outline of the planned methodology is shown in the following diagram.

R&D organisation and academic institutions

IIIT Hyderabad and MNIT Jaipur

Industry partners

The Polywood Industries Ltd, Jaipur

Proposed Outcomes –

  1. New product/performance analysis
  2. New Semi-transparent SPV Window/façade system.
  3. System will perform for most appropriate combination of power generation, cooling load and lighting load.
  4. Appropriate controllers and control algorithms for the new system that can be integrated with transactional networks such as VOLTTRONTM for smart grid integration.
  5. On commercialization the product is expected to be available below 10,000 per sq.meter.