Avani Residence


Project Name Avani Residence
Location Hyderabad, Telangana
Parent Company Residence
Builtup Area 19,694 sq.ft.
Air conditioned Area 5,683 sq.ft.
Rating achieved IGBC Green Homes-Platinum Certified
Green Features
  1. The building used two type of glazing. A single glaze with U value of 5.5 W/ sq m K and SHGC of 0.44. The double glazing is with U value 1.8 W/sq m K and SHGC of 0.28.
  2. The roof used in the building is an concrete slab with 2” insulation of thermocol provided on the internal surface of the roof. Also the roof is painted with high reflective coating all over decreasing the heat absorbed inside. The U value of the roof assembly is 0.28 W/ sq m K when compared to the baseline value of 0.5 W/ sq m K
  3. The walling material used in the building accounts to good amount of energy savings. The material used is fly ash brick with an U value of 0.527 W/ sq m K when compared to the baseline value of 1.1 W/sq m K.
  4. The air conditioning system used in the building is a high efficient VRV system with the system COP of 3.5.
  5. Both the internal and external lighting are proposed to be energy efficient BEE labeled fixtures. The internal lighting in the common areas account to an average of 0.27 W/sq ft . Over this occupancy sensors are proposed and being used in the common areas further increasing the efficiency. Efficient lighting fixtures are proposed also in the internal rooms which account to a LPD of 0.45 W/sq ft.